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Professional Doctorate in Medical Physics


Current Research Projects

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  • Monochromatic x-ray imaging including investigation of x-ray phase-contrast techniques
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of brain function including studies in brain development in autistic and blind subjects
  • Large field-of-view tomography single-photon imaging and Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
  • 3-D image motion correction algorithms
  • 3-D radiation therapy treatment planning and IMRT / Rapid ARC
  • Patient Dose Evaluations during Cone Beam CT procedures
  • Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)
  • Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
  • Atlas Based Autosegmentation and New Validation Methods

Major Equipment, Clinical

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  • Radiology Department (Imaging)
    • General Electric Discovery LS Combined dedicated PET and multislice x-ray CT scanner
    • Siemans (Computer Technology Industries) 11 MeV negative ion cyclotron and support facilities for FDG production
    • GE LX 3.0 Tesla MR scanner
    • GE LX 1.5 Tesla short-bore MR scanner (3)
    • 1 Marconi MX-8000 (four slice) CT
    • 2 Philips MX-8000/IDT (16 slice) CT 1 GE Light Speed Plus (8 slice) CT
    • GE Millennium VG dual-head, variable angle scintillation camera equipped for coincidence imaging
    • GE Millennium MG dual-head, variable angle scintillation camera for planar and SPECT imaging
    • GE Helix dual-head, fixed 180 degree geometry scintillation camera for planar imaging
  • Radiation Oncology Dept. (Therapy)
    • Varian 23X Trilogy linear accelerator with 120 MLC collimator, portal imaging, and IGRT
    • Varian 21EX linear accelerator with 120 MLC collimator and portal imaging (2) with IMRT dose delivery
    • Varian / Brainlab TX linear accelerator for radiosurgery
    • Varian Ximatron EX simulator
    • Picker 5000 QC CT/Simulator
    • Treatment Planning Workstations
      • Varian Eclipse
      • Varian Eclipse with Helios
      • ADAC Pinnacle
    • Virtual Simulation Workstations
      • Varian (Soma Vision)
      • Picker ACQU Sim

Major Equipment, Other

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  • Diagnostic Radiology
    • Radiology and Fluoroscopy X-ray Units
    • Cardiac Catheterization suites
    • Mammography units
    • Ultrasound Units
  • Radiation Oncology Brachytherapy
    • Varian VariSource HDR
    • LDR brachytherapy sources
      • Cs-137 (GYN)
      • Ir-192 (Sarcoma and GYN)
      • I-125 (Prostate Seed Implants)
    • Radiation Biology Laboratory
      • Picker Eldorado 8 Cobalt-60 Unit
      • Pantek 300 DXT Orthovoltage X-ray unit

Ancillary Equipment

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  • Radiation Detectors
    • Ionization Chambers
      • farmer-type chambers
      • buildup chambers
      • small volume specialty chambers
      • radiation survey meters
    • Film Densitometers
    • TLD and reader
    • Mosfet detectors
  • Phantoms
    • Imaging Physics
      • QC Phantoms Anthropomorphic phantoms
    • Therapy Physics
      • Wellhofer WP700 water scanner
      • QC phantoms
      • Anthropomorphic phantoms
    • Computers
      • Image processing workstations
      • Treatment planning workstations

Facilities (Academic, Laboratory, and Clinical) for Student Use

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  • Diagnostic Imaging Laboratories
    • Radiology clinical equipment (Medical Center North)
    • Dedicated Research X-ray Imaging Laboratory with digital subtraction angiography, mammography, and film-based imaging systems
    • Research Nuclear Imaging Laboratory with computer based scintillation camera and hig resolution spectroscopy systems (High purity Ge and Si (Li)) detectors
    • Ultrasound Imaging Laboratory
    • 4.7T, 40cm Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Spectrometer for phantom and animal experiments
    • Radiology clinical equipment (Main Hospital)
  • Clinical Therapy Laboratories
    • Radiation Research Labs (Medical Center North)
    • Radiation Oncology clinical equipment (Vanderbilt Clinic)
  • Library Facilities
    • Sarah Shannon Stevenson Science Library
    • Eskind BioMedical Library
  • Classrooms
    • Physics and Chemistry Building
    • Nursing Building
    • Medical Center Complex
      • Radiology Department (Medical Center North)
      • Radiation Oncology Department (Vanderbilt Clinic)
    • Student Offices
      • Radiology Dept. (Medical Center North)
      • Radiation Oncology Dept. (Vanderbilt Clinic)

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