Student Progress Data

In accordance to CAMPEP policy, the Vanderbilt Medical Physics Program is disclosing the specific numerical data concerning our Program and students.

The data below reflects student numbers during the year 2016-2017 (May 2016 to August 2017).


MSMP - Master of Science in Medical Physics Degree
DMP - Professional Doctorate in Medical Physics Degree 

The data is further broken down into the Therapy Physics Track and the Diagnostic Physics Track (see below).

1. Number of students applying for Admission, Fall Term 2017:

6 students for MSMP
16 students for DMP

Total 22 students

2. Number of student offers made for Admission, Fall Term 2017:

2 students MSMP
3 students DMP Therapy
1 student DMP Diagnostic

Total 6 students

3. Number of students accepted for Admission, Fall Term 2017:

1 students MSMP 
4 students DMP - (3 Therapy, 1 Diagnostic)

Total 5 students

4. Total number of students in the Vanderbilt Medical Physics Program for Fall 2017:

4 students MSMP
4 students DMP Diagnostic
11 students DMP Therapy

Total 19 students

5.  Number of students graduating in Calendar Year 2016:

5 students DMP (4 Therapy, 1 Diagnostic)

Total 5 students

6. Positions taken by graduating students in Calendar year 2016:

4 DMP (Therapy) graduates entered clinical practice in Radiation Therapy

1 DMP (Diagnostic) graduate entered a 1-year fellowship program in nuclear medicine physics

Total 5 students

7. Number of students entering the ABR Certification Process in August, 2016:

6 students DMP Therapy
1 student DMP Diagnostic

Total 7 students

8. Number of total Vanderbilt graduates (graduates 2016) and students taking ABR exams and exam results of the ABR Certification Process from August 2016 to May 2017:

Part III

3 students DMP Therapy- pass
1 graduate DMP Therapy- conditioned
1 student DMP Diagnostic- pass

Total 5 graduates

Part II

4 graduates DMP Therapy- pass
1 graduate DMP Diagnostic- pass

Total 5 graduates

Part I

4 students DMP Therapy - pass
2 students DMP Therapy - fail the General Part
1 student DMP Diagnostic - pass

Total 7 students