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Frequently Asked Questions

VUMC faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate student authors.

We are postdocs and senior graduate students who have volunteered to provide feedback to authors regarding language usage, organization, and clarity.

We review early to advanced drafts of manuscripts, thesis chapters, grant applications, abstracts, posters, personal statements and slide sets. Other types of documents can be submitted pending the approval of the Editors-in-Chief. Please do not submit documents that will be graded or used for coursework.

Our primary goal is to help you communicate effectively. We comment on organization, clarity, language usage, and punctuation, from a knowledgeable perspective, but generally we leave the science to you and your advisor.

After you submit your document request, you should be contacted for an initial consultation with an Editor in 1-2 business days. If you do not receive a message from an Editor within that time, please email the Editors-in-Chief. We strive to turn primary research papers around within 7 business days, but on average documents are edited within 4-5 days. Lengthy manuscripts (review articles, book chapters) may take longer, and the Editor will discuss the amount of time the document will take with the Author, typically via email.

Your manuscript is confidential. The Editors-in-Chief/Assignment Editor will view it briefly in order to assign it to an editor. Prior to having a manuscript reviewed, authors and editors must sign a confidentiality statement.

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to review the list of editors and suggest someone based on their area of scientific expertise. We cannot guarantee they will be available, but we will try to accommodate your request. The converse is also true…if you would prefer not to have a certain editor review your document for any reason, your paper will be assigned to someone else.

Editors may work with authors to revise manuscripts in multiple steps. For instance, if a manuscript needs organizational changes, the editor may request the author to make those changes before the document is reviewed for grammar.

If you receive helpful advice from an editor, we would appreciate individual recognition as well as recognition of the “Vanderbilt University Medical Center Editors’ Club” in the “Acknowledgments” section of your manuscript.