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Instructions for Authors

  • The Editors’ Club is committed to offering high quality editorial services for scientific manuscripts such as abstracts, primary research articles, reviews, and book chapters. Additionally, we offer editorial advice on posters and talks.
  • While we are more than happy to review a work at any stage of the development process, we would prefer submission of more advanced drafts of your manuscript, poster, or talk.
  • We currently accept works in the following formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF.
  • Please note that works submitted in either Word or PowerPoint format will be edited electronically (using the “Track Changes” feature of these programs) unless specifically requested otherwise in the Comments section of the Online Submission Form.
  • If submitting a work as an Adobe PDF file, please double-space the text so the editor can insert comments on the pages.
  • Figures can be submitted in either Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF format. You do not have to insert the figures into your document before submission to the Editors’ Club.

When ready to submit a work to the Editors’ Club, please do the following:

  • Inform your advisor of your intent to submit your work to the Editors’ Club.
  • Fill out all fields of the Document Submission Form.
  • Confirm that you have read and understand our Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Email your work to the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Print or save the Confirmation Page for your records. Your document request is NOT submitted until you see this confirmation page.
  • In most cases, an Editor will contact you via email in 1-2 business days.
  • If you have not been contacted by an Editor or you would like to check on the status of your submission, please feel free to contact the Editors-in-Chief and the Chief Assignment Editor
  • The Editors’ Club strives to keep turnaround time for primary research articles, posters, and talks to one week. Longer manuscripts (reviews, book chapters, etc.) may take more time. We thank you in advance for your patience.
  • In each instance, the Editor assigned to your document will give you a specific time line for the review of your work.
  • Once the review has been completed, the Editor will be available to meet with you to discuss suggestions to make your work stronger. Only in rare cases will this meeting last more than one hour. Although we strongly believe in the educational value of these sessions, you are, of course, free to not meet with the Editor.
  • We appreciate your patience. Please remember that the Editors’ Club is a volunteer organization composed of Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows who, just like you, have “day jobs”.
  • If at any time you are unsatisfied with your experience, please feel free to contact the Editors-in-Chief. and every effort will be made to rectify the situation.
  • Before you submit your work, please review the List of Editors and their areas of expertise.
  • If you would like to request that a specific editor review your work, please feel free to include that person’s name in the “Additional Comments” section of the Submission Form.
  • Similarly, if you would rather a specific editor not review your manuscript, please note that person’s name in the “Additional Comments” section of the Submission Form.
  • The Editors’ Club is committed to the educational process for both the Author and the Editor. Please help us refine our service by filling out the Author Exit Summary form after your review has been completed.

Multiple submissions of the same work are welcome.

I agree to have the submitted manuscript edited for English usage, organization, and clarity by a member of the Editors’ Club. I have informed my mentor that I am using the services of the Editors’ Club. I understand that the Editors’ Club members treat every submitted manuscript as privileged communication and that editors will exclude themselves from the review of any manuscript that might involve a conflict of interest or the appearance thereof.