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Quentin Eichbaum (eichbaq)

Mentor Information
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Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology - TRANSFUSION MEDICINE Division of Medical Education and Administration; Institute of Global Health
Brief description of mentor's work/interests: 
Rapid diagnostics; Transfusion medicine/blood banking; laboratory medicine/pathology Global health - HIV/TB/malaria; blood banking in developing world; medical schools and curriculum development in Africa Medical education - cognition/cognitive flexibility; curriculum development (US and AFrica). medical humanities; meta/neurocognition Immunology; signal transduction; HIV immunology/epidemiology; social medicine Medical and neuroethics Medical ethics/neuroethcis
Contact Information
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Jennifer Haendel; Quentin Eichbaum
Contact Email:;
615-936-5124; 615-322-4372

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