Chloe's and Alaina's paper available online!

August 20, 2017
Posted in Publications

Chloe Snider and Alaina Willet are first authors on a paper accepted at Journal of Cell Biology and now available online. Click to read about "Phosphoinositide-mediated ring anchoring resists perpendicular forces to promote medial cytokinesis." 

This paper establishes the importance of proper plasma membrane lipid composition for cytokinesis in S. pombe. When plasma membrane lipid composition is perturbed, the cytokinetic ring moves away from its typical position in the cell middle. Through a collaboration with the Zanic lab at Vanderbilt, Chloe and Alaina determined that this is a directed movement that depends on the type V myosin Myo51; thus the CR is subject to perpendicular forces in addition to the force of constriction.