Looking for a post-doc

February 11, 2017

Eugenia and Vsevolod Gurevich labs are seeking a postdoctoral fellow to work on projects aimed at elucidating the role of G protein-coupled receptor kinases (GRK) and arrestins in abnormalities of the dopaminergic signaling in the brain associated with such conditions as L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease and addiction to psychostimulant drugs. GRKs and arrestins are the key proteins regulating signaling via G protein-coupled receptors, including dopamine receptors. The lab uses in vivo modulation of the GRK and arrestin functions in the brain via viral gene transfer in wild type or genetically modified mouse strains. The aim is to understand the signaling abnormalities associated with the function of GRKs and arrestins in the pathological conditions and devise a way to correct them for therapeutic purposes. A person in this position will be utilizing a wide variety of techniques including stereotaxic animal surgery, behavioral testing, cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. Training will be provided, as needed. We are looking for a candidate with strong scientific background and communication skills capable of working independently and as a member of a team. The position is available immediately.   

The position involves working with live animals, mice and rats (mostly mice). The ideal candidate should have some experience with handling the animals. Any experience with animal surgery is appreciated. Preferred skills include familiarity with the models of Parkinson's disease and/or drug addiction. Willingness to work with live animals is a must. Experience with behavioral testing is appreciated. Any experience with cell biology and/or molecular biology is a plus.  

Vanderbilt University is an equal opportunity employer. The Department of Pharmacology is one of the strongest in the field of the GPCR signaling and offers a stimulating environment for scientific growth and career development.   

Please contact me via email: vsevolod.gurevich@vanderbilt.edu