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Melodie Yen

PhD Candidate

Aphasia and Language Imaging Lab, Principal Investigator: Dr. Stephen Wilson

Hometown: San Marino, CA


  • BA in Linguistics and Psychology; 2014; University of California, San Diego (La Jolla, CA)
  • MA in Linguistics; 2016; University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)

Hobbies and interests: I enjoy video games, sketching, and sports entertainment. I am also interested in constructed languages and have helped develop artificial languages for a fantasy book series.

Research description: I study the neural correlates of language processing using fMRI. My work focuses on mapping language networks in the brain, through the development of paradigms capable of reliably and sensitively activating language regions while mitigating task difficulty effects. This line of research has implications for pre-surgical mapping, studies in functional reorganization, and the design of functional localizers.


  • Wilson SM, Yen M, Eriksson DK. An adaptive semantic matching paradigm for reliable and valid language mapping in individuals with aphasia. Hum Brain Mapp 2018; 39: 3285-307.
  • Wilson SM, Bautista A, Yen M, Lauderdale S, Eriksson DK. Validity and reliability of four language mapping paradigms. NeuroImage Clin 2017; 16: 399-408.
  • Yagata SA, Yen M, McCarron A, Bautista A, Lamair-Orosco G, Wilson SM. Rapid recovery from aphasia after infarction of Wernicke’s area. Aphasiology 2017; 8: 951-80.