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Room Scheduling

The Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences manage multiple rooms on the 8th and 10th floors of Medical Center East building. These rooms are :

  • Classroom 2a: 8337
  • Classroom 4: 8342
  • Library: 8318
  • Executive Conference Room: 8312 (email to request)
  • Conference Room 10th Floor – windows: 10213
  • Conference Room 10th Floor – no windows: 10260

You can now view these room schedules through EMS

If you are a DHSS Faculty or student, you will be able to book a room directly using the only portal by logging in. If you are a VUMC employee, you have to email with the room requested, the date, time and the title or your meeting. To book ECR, you will have to email as well.

Please note that the rooms:

  • Classroom 1: 8323
  • Classroom 2b: 8349
  • Lecture Halls 8380 A&B

are managed by VUMC OSS on the website and the Graduate Studies office only make reservations for professors who have classes within Hearing and Speech Sciences. If there is any AV system issue, this can also be solved by the OSS team, please reach out to Jeff Laughlin or call (615) 322-6127. If this is a computer issue, call VUMC IT (615) 343-4357.