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Kayla Shumate

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ron Emeson lab

Calcium-dependent activator protein for secretion 1 (CAPS1) serves as a priming factor for vesicular fusion associated with the regulated secretion of peptides, neurotransmitters and hormones from synaptic and dense core vesicles. The RNA encoding CAPS1 undergoes a site-specific adenosine-to-inosine RNA editing event which can alter a genomically-encoded glutamate to a glycine codon within the carboxyl-terminal domain previously shown to be responsible for interactions with large dense-core granules. CAPS1 is prevalent throughout the central nervous system and editing levels in the mouse brain reach 30% in the frontal cortex. We are interested in the physiological role(s) for CAPS1 editing and are currently examining the consequences of editing on the regulation of CAPS1-dependent modulation of synaptic vesicle release and recycling.