Academic & Coursework Information

Fall 2013

1. Orientation. The schedule for Orientation will be full--including welcomes, introductions, and general administrative housekeeping necessary to start your time at Vanderbilt. We will begin orientation on Wednesday, August 14. All students are required to attend the orientation in its entirety.

During orientation, students will complete registration, get Vanderbilt identification badges and access cards --among other activities. These badges, accounts, etc., are dependent on your being a registered, full-time student and, thus, cannot be handled in advance. New students will also complete all the necessary biosafety training courses to work in a lab.

2. Classes. The IGP Bioregulation class will begin on Monday, August 19 in Light Hall room 208. Generally, class is held on Mondays and Fridays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m and from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Wednesdays. However, the specific needs of various sections of the course sometimes require alterations from this pattern. All the latest changes to the class schedule are available to students at this link and by clicking on IGP Schedule 2013/2014 (this is not yet up & functioning). Incoming students will receive instructions via email to set-up a user ID and password in late spring and then will have access to the site.

The Bioregulation course is designed by the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program Executive Committee, led by Dr. Jim Patton, and by associated sub-committees for curriculum development. The course curriculum underwent significant change in 2010/11 and reflected restructuring based on 15 years of experience with the IGP and new insights from faculty and former students. Each year, feedback is collected and the curriculum is updated to meet the educational needs of students.

The course will continue to be based on the most recent literature in the subject fields of the sections of the course. This means that lectures and discussions are heavily dependent on recently-published journal articles. Please view information on the links to the right. They will continually be updated with pertinent information and resources as you make plans to begin your graduate training at Vanderbilt. Textbooks primarily serve as background and general reference material.

3. Textbook
Faculty will give assignments from the four required texts listed below and they will serve as the background reading for the lecturers throughout Bioregulation 1 sections.

Required texts for Fall 2013:

  • Biochemistry, Voet and Voet, 4th ed.
  • Genetics: From Genes to Genomes, Hartwell et al 4th ed.
  • Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts et al. 4th ed.
  • Introduction to Protein Structure - Branden and Tooze 2nd ed.

We have a few copies of each of these books available for check out in 340 Light Hall. There is a two hour maximum for checkout. If you already have one of these books and the edition is different, then it will be up to you to find the corresponding chapter in your edition. Online books are also acceptable, if available.

Statistics Textbook and Statistics Software – Required text and software package.

  • Course Text: Introduction to Biostatistics (2nd ed.) By R.R.Sokal and F.J. Rohlf. This classic text, which presents a condensed content appropriate for a short course in biostatistics, has been reprinted by Dover Publications and is available for purchase at (ISBN 0486469611; $19.95), or Amazon (new and used; be sure to obtain the Second Edition labeled “Dover Books on Mathematics”).
  • Software: The hands-on portion of the course will rely on statistical software known as JMP 10. A six-month site-licensed version (Windows or Mac version) is available for download, at the purchase price of $29.95, from the Vanderbilt Software Store ( All students should plan to purchase a copy of this software and bring their laptop computers to each class.

4. Academic Calendar, 2013/2014. Please be aware that the IGP academic year is uniquely developed to match the objectives of the program and may not mesh with the items listed for the Graduate School on the University calendar. Please check the schedule daily to find out what days you will have off.

5. Faculty Adviser. Your faculty adviser during the first year IGP is Jim Patton.