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Matrix pre-coated MALDI MS targets for small molecule imaging in tissues.


Grove| Frappier| Caprioli KJ| SL| RM , . Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2011 1 ; 22(1). 192-5


A new sample preparation method for MALDI tissue imaging has been developed for the analysis of low molecular weight compounds that employs matrix pre-coated MALDI targets. Tissue sections need only to be transferred onto the pre-coated target before analysis for fast and easy sample preparation. Pre-coated targets have a homogenous matrix coating with uniform crystals of approximately 1-2 μm and do not require solvents that may lead to analyte delocalization within a tissue section. We report here the use of matrix pre-coated targets for imaging of lipids, peptides, and pharmaceuticals in tissues.


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