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Regional differences in brain glucose metabolism determined by imaging mass spectrometry.


Kleinridders| Ferris| Reyzer| Rath| Soto| Manier| Spraggins| Yang| Stanton| Caprioli| Kahn A| HA| ML| M| M| ML| J| Z| RC| RM| CR , . Molecular metabolism. 2018 6 ; 12(). 113-121


Glucose is the major energy substrate of the brain and crucial for normal brain function. In diabetes, the brain is subject to episodes of hypo- and hyperglycemia resulting in acute outcomes ranging from confusion to seizures, while chronic metabolic dysregulation puts patients at increased risk for depression and Alzheimer’s disease. In the present study, we aimed to determine how glucose is metabolized in different regions of the brain using imaging mass spectrometry (IMS).

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