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Sample Preparation and Analysis of Single Cells Using High Performance MALDI FTICR Mass Spectrometry


Yang B , Tsui T , Caprioli RM , Norris JL , . Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.). 2019 9 30; 2064(). 125-134


Imaging mass spectrometry is a powerful technology that combines the molecular measurements of mass spectrometry with the spatial information inherent to microscopy. This unique combination of capabilities is ideally suited for the analysis of metabolites and lipids from single cells. This chapter describes a methodology for the sample preparation and analysis of single cells using high performance MALDI FTICR MS. Using this approach, we are able to generate profiles of lipid and metabolite expression from single cells that characterize cellular heterogeneity. This approach also enables the detection of variations in the expression profiles of lipids and metabolites induced by chemical stimulation of the cells. These results demonstrate that MALDI IMS provides an insightful view of lipid and metabolite expression useful in the characterization of a number of biological systems at the single cell level.