Adrian Cadar, Ph.D.

Adrian Cadar, Ph.D.

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, 2017

PI: Charles Hong, Ph.D.

Current Position: Medical Student, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Post-transcriptional Regulation of Titan in the Cardiac Sarcomere

The Lim laboratory studies the maintenance and organizational properties of the cardiac sarcomere. The cardiac sarcomere is the contracting unit in a cardiomyocyte. Together, these cells work in rhythm to promote cardiac muscle contraction. During human life, the heart continuously beats; however, over time the sarcomere proteins are worn out/damaged. Our lab focuses on understanding the molecular events that mediate sarcomere turnover in a functional contracting heart. We are specifically interested in the protein titin. Titin is important to the sarcomere since it provides a scaffold for myosins and other sarcomere signaling proteins. My project focuses on the post-transcriptional regulation of titin.