David Austin, Ph.D.

David Austin, Ph.D.

Cancer Biology, 2016

Advisor: Simon Hayward, Ph.D.

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

Laboratory of Jay Vadgama, M.D.

Investigation of the chronic activation of NF-kB in human prostate cells

NF-kB is a nuclear transcription factor that responds to a variety of stimuli including cytokines and stress and which in turn influences the immune and inflammatory systems. Altered NF-kB regulation is associated with inflammation and a host of human disease processes. Elevated NF-kB activation is seen in BPH and is associated with inflammatory responses. However, little is known about the mechanisms linking NF-kB activation with hyperplastic growth in the prostatic stroma and epithelium which lead to BPH.  Therefore, this project is aimed to address the question of whether chronic activation of NF-kB signaling in human prostatic cells will result in hyperplasia of both the stromal and epithelium tissues. BHPrE1, BPH-1, NHPrE1, and BHPrS1 cells will be transduced with a dominant active (DA) form of IKK2 which results in constitutive activation of NF-kB.