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Dominique Parker

Department: Cancer Biology

Faculty Mentor: Fiona Yull, Ph.D.

Dissertation DescriptionRole of NF-ĸB2 in ovarian tumor macrophages

The Yull lab aims to exploit NF-κB signaling in macrophages via classical and alternative pathways. We hope that further understanding of NF-κB signaling will allow us to develop anti-tumor macrophages in breast and ovarian cancer models. We utilize our unique transgenic mouse models which allow for inducible classical and alternative NF-κB signaling specifically in macrophages. My project focuses on the understudied alternative (NF-ĸB2) signaling pathway in macrophages in the context of ovarian cancer. I aim to answer questions regarding NF-ĸB2’s involvement in pro-tumor and anti-inflammatory phenotypes observed in tumor associated macrophages in hopes of closing this gap in knowledge.