Odaine Gordon, Ph.D.

Odaine Gordon, Ph.D.

Pharmacology, 2014

Advisor: Claus Schneider, Ph.D.

Current Position: Scientist, Achaogen

Dissertation Description

Oxidative Metabolites of Curcumin and their Bioactivity

My graduate work is focused on the oxidative metabolism curcumin, a natural chemopreventive agent. We hypothesize that the oxidative metabolites are direct mediators of some of curcumin's many bioactivities. The approach in testing this hypothesis has been to isolate and identify the oxidative metabolites from in vitro reactions; to determine the formation of these metabolites in vivo; and to assess the bioactivities of the metabolites against known curcumin targets using cell culture systems. Our aim is towards improving the therapeutic efficacy of curcumin.