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Prospective Students

The IMSD program follows a holistic approach to admitting students.  This permits us to include those individuals who have very strong research backgrounds as well as a very strong supportive letter from a research mentor, but whose GRE and or GPA scores might result in their being less competitive using a more “numbers based” admissions process which is typically the case at many front rank graduate programs.  Our holistic admissions process has been one of the most transformative features of the IMSD program and has enabled multiple talented students to experience success in training for a career in biomedical research who might otherwise have not had an opportunity to do so.

Students interested in the IMSD program can apply HERE.  The IMSD is a federally funded program.  Applicants to the IMSD program must be underrepresented in science as defined by the NIH.  This includes individuals from racial and ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.  A detailed definition of eligibility can be found here.

Students who apply to the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP)  or Quantitative Chemical Biology Program (QCB) can also be selected for the IMSD; a separate application is not necessary.  Regardless of the application path, students are offered admission to the IMSD program on the basis of their future potential for success in the program as evidenced by recommendation letters and an on-campus interview.

All applicants are encouraged to follow the IGP timeline below.  However, the IMSD program can continue to evaluate and accept applicants until all program slots are filled.


Admissions timeline for IGP

August 1 Application available online for the following Fall semester
December 1 Priority deadline for review of applications
December 15 Deadline for applications
January-March On-campus interviews for selected candidates