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Health Insurance Requirements for Research Interns

Research Intern appointments are short-term, temporary appointments, and as such, neither the salaried nor stipended appointment comes with benefits. Departments should keep proof of health insurance for all interns in their departments. If the intern does not have health insurance coverage for the period of the internship, the department is required to provide one and the mentor is required to pay for the expense.

Early IGP and QCB: If the intern will be an IGP or QCB student in the fall term, the BRET office has two short-term policies available to early purchase (June 15 start date or a July 1 start date prior to fall enrollment).  The mentor will still be responsible for the expense but the BRET office can help facilitate the enrollment for the student in the Academic HealthPlans policy, the same vendor used for annual coverage of enrolled studentsIn all other cases outside of early arriving IGP and QCB students, the mentor and department must find a short-term policy for interns who need health coverage.