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Past events

Ashley passes her qualifying exam! Congrats!
August, 2012

Ashly's Masters thesis defense! Congrats, Ashly, good luck with medical school!
August, 2012

Ashley and Chris are awarded AHA pre-doctoral fellowships! We are awesome!
June, 2012

Ashley, Chris, and Irina travel to Heidelberg, Germany for the Microtubules: Structure, Regulation, and Functions Conference. Ashley and Chris presented their data as posters!
May, 2012

Our Molecular Biology of the Cell paper is out. Good job Tanya, Ashley, Paul, and Dmitry!
Check in out:
 Mol Biol Cell 2012
March, 2012

Chris passes his qualifying exam! Congrats!
August, 2011

Ashly Gunn joins the lab to start on her Master's thesis!
​May, 2011

Ashley Grimaldi joins the lab as our next graduate student!
May, 2011

Paul's Ph.D. thesis defense. Congrats Dr. Miller! We miss you already!
June, 2010

We received an AHA grant-in-aid for our VSMC project. Great data Nadia!
June, 2010

Christopher Arnette joins the lab as our new graduate student!
May, 2010

DDRC pilot grant is awarded for Xiaodong's project! You have such a cool story to tell!
March, 2010

Paul's paper is published in Nature Cell Biology! Fantastic science Paul!
Check in out:
Nat Cell Biol 2009
​July, 2009

We move into a new lab space - it is fabulous! Thank you CDB department!
​July, 2009

Paul is awarded an AHA fellowship. Congrats Paul!
June, 2009

Irina receives a VICC High Impact Research Award. Thank you Cancer Center and Martell Foundation!
November, 2008

Andrey's next paper is published in Journal of Cell Science!
Check it out:
J Cell Sci 2008
January, 2008

Paul Miller gives a talk and Irina chairs an ASCB mini-symposium.
December, 2007

1.8% on NIH R01. We are the champions!
October, 2007

Developmental Cell paper is out. Great response in press!
Check it out:
Dev Cell 2007
June, 2007


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