• Efimova N, Grimaldi A, Bachmann A, Frye K, Zhu X, Feoktistov A, Straube A, Kaverina I. Podosome-regulating kinesin KIF1C translocates to the cell periphery in a CLASP-dependent manner. Journal of cell science. 2014 Oct 24. PMID: 25344256 [PubMed].


The kinesin KIF1C is known to regulate podosomes, actin-rich adhesion structures, which remodel the extracellular matrix during physiological processes. Here we show that KIF1C is a player in the podosome-inducing signaling cascade. Upon induction of podosome formation by protein kinase C, KIF1C translocation to the cell periphery intensifies and KIF1C accumulates in the proximity of peripheral microtubules enriched with plus tip-associated proteins CLASPs and around podosomes. Importantly, without CLASPs, both KIF1C trafficking and podosome formation are suppressed. Moreover, chimeric mitochondria-targeted CLASP2 recruits KIF1C, suggesting a transient CLASP-KIF1C association. We propose that CLASP creates preferred microtubule tracks for KIF1C to promote podosome induction downstream of PKC.