Lab Pictures

The cockroach in the lab incident...


Graham the cockroach hunter - getting a nimble cockroach into a 50 ml Falcon tube turned out to be impossible. Alice is intrigued (kind of...)


Trying to save the cockroach did not turn out so well.



After preserving it in liquid nitrogen, everyone wants a closer look. OK, let's be honest here: Stephanie looks very much in control, but you should have seen her jump on the sofa and scream when the cockroach ran across the room.


The cockroach in deep freeze seems to be moving - OMG


All is well that ends well



To recap: A cockroach the size of a little mouse was running across the break room as we were talking about research projects. First instinct: jump on your chair and scream. (Second instinct: Shucks, I just made an idiot out of myself). Graham hears us (as well as most of MRB3), and comes to help out. We spend the next 45 minutes lifting up furniture and chasing the cockroach, while the cockroach is watching us from the other corner of the room (yup, they are smarter). We have the best of all intentions to keep it alive, but in an unfortunate sequence of events it ends up in liquid nitrogen. Don't mess with homo sapiens


Stephanie keeps the lab in order and us in line...


but there is always fun to be had...


Ah, Alipi...


Christine is both scientist and handy(wo)man....


...after a triumphant fixing of the refrigerator, she poses for a picture:


Who doesn't dig a reward?


We have a quoteboard.


Joanna sometimes plays hide and seek in the lab. Its terribly distracting.


Someone explains to Katie about the little man on the inside of the -20 freezer... he pulls the door shut as you try to open it. We don't like the little man.