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Mamta Swaroop, MD, FACS, FICS

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Flexner Deans’ Lecture Series 2018-2019

Monday, February 25, 2019
Mamta Swaroop, MD, FACS, FICS

Mamta Swaroop, MD, FACS, FICS
Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Trauma and Critical Care Surgery
Global Surgery Program Director in the Feinberg School of Medicine

TRUE COMMUNITIES: An Evolution of Empowerment

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Mamta Swaroop, MD, FACS is an Associate Professor of Surgery in the Division of Trauma and Critical Care Surgery and serves as the Global Surgery Program Director in the Feinberg School of Medicine. She completed her General Surgery residency at the University of South Florida in 2009 and her Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at Northwestern in 2010. Her research focus is Academic Global Surgery, including trauma education and prevention. Her global surgery lab, the Northwestern Trauma and Surgical Initiative ( aims to build sustainable access to surgical care through education and research in low resource settings, both locally and in international settings with varying levels of both healthcare infrastructure and personnel. In 2018, she was honored as one of Oprah’s Health Heroes and also received the 39th annual Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award from Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Swaroop and her lab conduct community directed research and programmatic development in Southeast Asia, South America and Chicago. Her work on helmet usage in female pillions (backseat passengers) on motorized two-wheeler added to the literature that led to legislative change in the governance of women needing to wear helmets in the capital city of New Delhi, India. In Bolivia, her team wrote and continues to participate in legislation for the implementation of a prehospital system, with ongoing efforts in execution. Her work in Chicago, developing the TRUE (Trauma Responders Unify to Empower) Communities Course, aims to empower communities to take action by making bystanders into immediate responders during the first few minutes after a traumatic event. Her team has trained nearly 1000 participants, nearly a third of them high-school students. The course recently launched in Jackson, Mississippi in partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and after modification, is being taught in Bolivia as PRISA (Primera Respuesta Iniciada para la Seguridad de Accidentados). The course is undergoing revision for launch in London, England in collaboration with a consultant surgeon at King’s College. She is Co-Editor of the book, Success in Academic Surgery: Academic Global Surgery and has authored numerous peer reviewed research articles and presented nationally and internationally on Trauma and Global Surgery topics. She has served and serves on multiple national and international leadership boards. In 2018, Dr. Swaroop presented as the Key Note Speaker at the Royal College of Surgeons Global Frontiers Conference in London on the Bolivian Trauma Initiative and also held the first international TRUE Communities Course. For the past 10 years, Dr. Swaroop has worked as a Trauma, Acute Care, and Critical Care Surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.