What's happening in the Macara Lab?

August 2016:  Lab Olympics with the Lannigan lab and pool party (but it rained).

June 2016:  Ian chair's the GRC on Cell Polarity, and Lindsey Seldin is co-chair of the accompanying GRS.  Mukhtar gives a talk at the GRS.  Ian gives a Keynote lecture at the Adhesion signaling GRC.

May 2016:  Yongliang's paper on in vivo screening for novel breast cancer genes is published in Cell Reports.  Congrats to Yongliang!

August 2015:  BBQ and pool party at Ian's home - sadly it was too cold to swim.  The guys were too busy drinking beer to be in the photo......

July 2015;  Ian was the 2015 the Colin Thomson Memorial Medal winner and presented the keynote talk at the Beatson Cancer Institute in Glasgow, UK.

June 2015:  Lindsey Seldin, from Duke University, joins the lab as a new postdoctoral fellow.  She is studying mammary stem cell plasticity and mitotic spindle orientation. Welcome Lindsey!

April 2015:  Erica Tross and Maria Fomicheva join the lab as new CDB graduate students.  Erica is working on mammary stem cells and Maria on epithelial homeostasis. Erica is supported by the PDB training grant.

March 2015:  Richard Guyer's paper was published in JBC.  He has graduated and is now back in medical school.

October 2014:  Richard defended his PhD thesis and is headed back to med school!

September 2014:  Ian at the Pasteur Institute "Building the Cell" conference

Setember 2014:  Congratulations to Heather on passing her Qual.

August 2014:  Alex passed his Qualifier - congratulations!

August 2014:  Ian joins Larry Marnett, Deb Lannigan, Sam Santoro, Roger Colbran, Dave Piston and Karoly Mirnic in the ALS ice bucket challenge, at the incoming graduate student party.

July 2014:  Yongliang's paper is published in Nature Cell Biology, and his image of a terminal end bud was chosen for the cover! Fantastic!