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Taking time to discuss performance and how to improve one's clinical skills is an integral part of the Master Clinical Teachers program.

Students develop skills in verbal and nonverbal communication with patients.

All clerkship students at Vanderbilt receive one-to-one time with a Master Clinician every two to three weeks.

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine believes that the practice of excellent clinical medical care is essential to any physician, regardless of their practice specialty.

During their training, students should learn to conduct a thorough and accurate history and physical examination, use their newly acquired medical knowledge to diagnose and initiate treatment of disease states, establish a professional and caring relationship with patients, work effectively within the medical system, and strive for continuous self-improvement.

We find that many aspects of these skills should and must be taught at the patient’s bedside. The Master Clinical Teachers program (MCT) focuses upon clinical teaching at the bedside, in-context, to help students learn faster and retain information longer than more traditional "didactic" lectures.

About the Program

In order to help students accomplish the goals of our mission faster and more completely, we have established the Master Clinical Teachers (MCTs) program to provide individualized attention to students’ clinical skills.

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Becoming an MCT

Becoming an MCT is very selective and a great honor. Our MCTs are chosen because of their strong clinical skills, interest in medical student education, and their recognized bedside teaching expertise.

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Meet the MCTs

There are nineteen Master Clinical Teachers (MCTs), with at least one representing each of the core clinical rotations.

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