Advisory Colleges

Batson_College.jpgThe Colleges launched at the start of 2007-08 and have grown considerably over the past few years. Each one bears the name of a former Vanderbilt University School of Medicine dean – Batson, Chapman, Gabbe, and Robinson – and they have their own designated color and crest to capture their unique spirit and character. 

As the Colleges have evolved, they have become true learning communities, places where students come together in smaller groups to delve into subject matter relevant to their growth and development as physicians-in-training. 

How the Colleges Benefit You

Through a course called the Colloquium, the students gather every Monday afternoon and learn about the medical humanities with the College Mentors as their facilitators. This learning environment encourages students to break out of the traditional mode of medical education in which facts must be memorized for an examination. Instead, students are encouraged to become critical thinkers who shape, structure, and ultimately transform the way they see themselves within medicine. 

Additionally, through a broad range of programming on the themes of student wellness and career counseling, the Colleges also play a particularly important role in helping students stay balanced during medical school and in helping them choose careers that lead to long-term professional happiness. 

They provide students with a sense of community in which friends are made, support is received, and guidance is always available. Vanderbilt’s greatest strength lies in its people and the bonds that form between them, and the Colleges represent the foundation of that relational model.