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Big/Little – College Family

Posted by on Monday, November 5, 2018 in Student Life.

by Leland Dunwoodie

I have a great relationship with my college family. Without the other person knowing, my big and I were both hoping we would be matched as a big/little pair since Second Look Weekend last spring. My big, Kyle, and I are both very passionate about our undergrads, sports, and using our weirdness to make classmates and patients smile. My grand-big, Chris, and my great-grand-big, Nick, have also really made a difference in making me feel at home in Nashville. They are very intentional about reaching out to me, connecting me with resources, and being there for me whenever I need a friend. I’m very, very grateful to have such an energetic, supportive college family.

Big/Little at Taco Mama, Nashville, TN

This is a picture of Kyle, Chris, and me at Taco Mama, a new place for Mexican food near campus. I picked Kyle up from his medicine clerkship at the VA hospital with the music in my car BLARING. We met Chris for great food and great fellowship. As we say in Robinson College – CACAW!