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College Cup 2018 – Iron Chef Competition

Posted by on Monday, November 19, 2018 in Student Activities, Student Life.

College Cup 2018 - Iron Chef

“Taking part in the iron chef competition was an amazing experience for me! Cooking as a group can be challenging since every cook has their own preferences and culinary backgrounds, but I loved how we were able to work with each other and create such beautiful dishes.” – Rut Thakkar

College Cup 2018 - Iron Chef

“Food brings people together like nothing else, and College Cup is an amazing time to bond with new and old friends from across the years, making Iron Chef one of the best med school experiences I’ve had. It is truly incredible to see what all the teams come up with in just 24 hours, as well as to dig in and taste it all after the judges have. It’s crazy and beautiful to bring together a variety of culinary creativity and expertise to create dishes that none of us have made before. I am happy to report that I no longer dislike eggplants.” – Sneha Lingam

College Cup 2018 - Iron Chef

“Iron Chef is always a great time and shows off all the culinary skills that our classmates bring to the table. From the mystery ingredient reveal to meal planning and the cooking itself, the competition pushes us to be creative and helps us bond as a team. For those of us who aren’t athletically gifted, it’s the perfect fit!” – Donald Wright

“In 24 hours, we made every dish that we’ve never made before exactly once.” – Alice Liao

“It was wonderful to be part of the Chapman Iron Chef team for all four years of med school. Through Iron Chef, I was able to meet great people who became great friends, and pit my culinary skills against my classmates. Winning two Iron Chef battles back to back will definitely be one my fondest memories of medical school, and I am definitely going to miss it as I move on to residency!” – Kate Xie