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College Cup 2018

Posted by on Monday, November 12, 2018 in Student Activities, Student Life.

by Alex Tinianow

College Cup 2018

College Cup, the Wellness Committee‘s most famous event of the year, is an Olympics-style competition that pits the four School of Medicine advisory colleges against one another in tests of athleticism, intellect, and team spirit. The weekend opens with a 5k race, capture the flag, and several spirit challenges such as watermelon eating and a choreographed dances. Other events throughout the weekend include iron chef, basketball, soccer, board games, inner tube water polo, volleyball, trivia, dodgeball, sonnet writing, and many more. The winning college takes home the Cup and bragging rights for the year.

Batson College, College Cup 2018


This year, Batson college came in first place, earning a back-to-back cup victory. Gabbe college came in second place by a mere 20 points – a momentous event in their college’s history, since Gabbe has not won College Cup in many years. New events this year included spikeball, team pumpkin carving, and a big/little family bonding activity, which drew in even more participation for the weekend. Many students say their favorite part of College Cup is coming together with other students in all four colleges across all four (or more!) years of school to kick back, relax, and have fun in a non-classwork-related weekend jam-packed with camaraderie, spirit, bonding, and wellness.