College Cup - Track Relays

Ben Li
November 7, 2016

The year 2015 marked the advent of the annual Track Relays at College Cup. Male and female 4 x 100m and sprint medley relay teams lined Vanderbilt’s brand new indoor track (part of the recreation center’s $31 million renovation, mostly to make College Cup better). You could still smell the rubber cooling, which only added to the pungent excitement in the air. The fastest men and women, the heroes of their colleges, positioned to run without mercy to lead their team to victory.


The fans cheer like mad. Participants, fueled by insane levels of adrenaline, fly out of the blocks faster than they thought was possible. College recruiters scratch their heads and wonder if they should start looking at Vanderbilt University Medical School more closely. Runners put all they have on the track. Pacing is uneven. Handoffs are sloppy. Teams fade while others come from behind. It is the single most dramatic three minutes of the day.

In the end, the combined performance of all relay teams determines the overall winning squad.

Anxiously awaiting results, some enthusiastic fans sprint across the facility, unable to contain their excitement. “I am definitely doing this next year,” say most people in their heads, who were blown away by the energy of this event. “I want a piece of that glory.”

Afterwards, teams celebrate their champions. Weary from exertion but driven forward by the insurmountable spirit of College Cup, our mighty heroes sip some water and get ready for their next College Cup event.