From Connecticut to Nashville

Brittany Schneider
January 31, 2016
Posted in Nashville

I thought that coming to the South would be a fun change of pace from the Northeast where I had been my whole life. I absolutely loved my time at Vanderbilt for undergrad, and after working for two years after graduating in 2012, one year of which was spent in California, I was already ready to come back for more Nashville!

Steeplechase a Southern Tradition (kind of like the Derby) (002).jpg
At Steeplechase, a Southern tradition (kind of like the Kentucky Derby)

Everyone is always excited to go out and explore the seriously booming city of Nashville! This city is on just about every "Top 10 Growing City" or "Top 10 Foodie Cities" list, and for good reason. When I came for undergrad in 2008, I thought of Nashville as a small city with a fun mix of diverse students, Southern locals, and country music scene. Now there are entire new neighborhoods sprouting out of nowhere overnight, each with a unique feel! Seriously, I hadn't been to the Gulch (a neighborhood on the way to downtown) in only about two or three weeks recently and suddenly there was a new high rise that was an empty parking lot just weeks before. It is exciting to be in a city where there are always new restaurants, shops, street festivals, and more! In addition, as the city grows, the population has become very diverse, with people of all backgrounds (in case you are worried about it being "too Southern"). I guess people here are pretty Southern, if you define it as being friendly and hospitable!