Couples in Medicine

Leah Vance
October 3, 2016

Couples in Medicine is a group designed to foster healthy relationships for medical students through mentorship and social events. Our main goal is to bring couples within the medical school together and to bring significant others who are not a part of the medical school into our community.

Because of this, we are not a group exclusively for couples. We want our events to include anyone and everyone, not just because we want to help create a true community of support for couples but also because we love medical students and prioritize the wellness of everyone!

A few of the specific ways that we support couples includes:

Social Events: We plan as many events as we possibly can (laser tag, ice skating, vineyards) throughout the year. We hope these events will bring in significant others in and outside of medicine so they can meet and find support in our awesome Vanderbilt Medical School community!

Couples Matching Advice: We have partnered with the Pathway to the Match to create a more formal mentorship program for medical student couples going through the couples match. This will include panels and online resources.

Mentors: We have excellent mentors – both faculty and students –  who are very involved in our group and are always available to give advice and support.


We hope that you will join us for our events throughout the year and reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions!


Leah, TJ, Jocelyn, and Jason
Couples in Medicine Co-Leaders