Hillsboro Village Hot Spots

Melissa Day
September 6, 2016
Posted in Nashville


Hillsboro Village, an area in Nashville that is conveniently located next to Vanderbilt’s Medical Center campus, has great opportunities for medical students to study, eat, and relax.

One of my favorite locations is the Revelator Coffee Company, where you can get a great iced coffee, espresso with chocolate, or The Weekender (a beverage with iced coffee, orange juice, and vanilla). The student discount of $1 off any beverage is also a plus! I’ve enjoyed the avocado toast and quiche for brunch on a Saturday morning, as I studied for my OBGYN or surgery clerkship with my friend, Sydney. It’s also a great place to hang out with friends and catch up when we’re on different services. Another great coffee shop to study at is Fido, which has great coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

When anyone talks about Hillsboro Village, it’s impossible not to mention the famous Pancake Pantry, where you have dozens of options for the perfect pancake breakfast!

My favorite option is the Santa Fe pancakes, made with cornmeal, bacon, peppers, and cheese, but they are also well known for their sweet potato pancakes! My first year of medical school, my group of friends decided to go to Pancake Pantry to hold our holiday gift exchange, which was a great way to celebrate getting through half the school year before we headed home for the holidays.


Other places in Hillsboro Village where medical students hang out and relax include Jeni’s ice cream, Double Dogs, and the Belcourt Theatre. Jeni’s ice cream, another eatery that is well known in Nashville, is a popular place for medical students with a multitude of awesome ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors. Double Dogs is a great place to watch sporting events like the Olympics or college basketball games. Finally, the Belcourt Theatre provides interesting independent films, which is a convenient place for a good study break.

Overall, there are many options for medical students to hang out and study in an area so close to Vanderbilt. If you choose to come to Vanderbilt for medical school, it’s definitely worth checking out!