Musically Inclined at VUSM

Ebone Ingram
January 25, 2016
Posted in Nashville

Vanderbilt is a great place for a medical student who also loves music. And that's not just because it happens to be located in “Music City, USA.” 

True, there are many opportunities in Nashville to discover new music from a wide range of genres*. If you like live performances, head to any of the plethora of concert—venues big, small, and kind of different—on practically any day of the week, and you won’t be disappointed. Or you could pick up some reduced-fee student tickets to the Nashville Symphony, if classical music is more your thing.  Want to showcase your own talent? There are tons of karaoke spots downtown, as well as open mic nights scattered across the city.

But that's only the beginning.

You don't have to look much further than the medical center to find musical outlets. For many years, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine has had an a cappella group, now called Radial Grooves, which performs a wide range of selections—from Top 40 to oldies—at Second Look Weekend and beyond. Almost every year, members of the first-year class form a band that rocks out at med school-wide events such as Cadaver Ball. The Christman Cultural Series, a newly-created, low-stress space for present and future medical professionals who are also artists of various disciplines, is perfect for sharing those lyrics you’ve been working on between classes or that instrumental duet you and your friend put together after clinic one day.

So whether you're a quiet creator, an avid concert-goer, or the self-proclaimed king/queen of karaoke, Vandy Med—and Nashville—have got you covered. 

We’d love to show you around.

*yes, you CAN survive med school here if you hate country music!