What to Pack for Nashville

Benjin Facer
July 10, 2017
Posted in First Year


Before I moved to Nashville, I could barely point to Tennessee on a map, much less show you around the city. Now that I’ve been here a while, I’ve learned some of the reasons why Music City is attracting tourists, businesses, and families by the thousands. Here’s a quick "packing" list so you’ll be prepared for all the fun Nashville has to offer.

Swimsuit: You’re missing out on the full Tennessee experience if you don’t take time to get wet. Within an hour’s drive you’ll find amazing rivers and lakes for water sports, kayaking, and just hanging out. For a cheap way to escape the heat, skip the canoe rentals at the Harpeth River and float down in a blowup tube ($3 from Walmart). You’ll have a blast!

Your Appetite: Nashville is home to one of the largest refugee populations in the country. With that kind of ethnic diversity comes a HUGE selection of international cuisine. You can find pretty much anything! Take a trip down Nolensville Road in southeast Nashville for an Epcot-like (minus Mickey Mouse) experience as you pass by restaurants from Korea, Ethiopia, Brazil, El Salvador, China, Mexico, Siam, Iran, and many more. Give one of them a go!

Thinking Cap: If you come home from a long day of school and feel like you still haven’t stretched your brain to its full capacity (hasn’t happened to me yet…), go play trivia! Almost every night, several local restaurants host free trivia games. These are best enjoyed with a group of friends and a side of nachos. End up on top at the end of the game, and you’ll probably be walking away with a $50 gift card.

Cowboy Boots: If you don’t already own a pair, you might want to start saving up. Every night, particularly on weekends, Lower Broadway becomes the ultimate destination for live music, drinks, food, and dancing. If the twang of a country song isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other venues that offer a wide variety of listening experiences. They don’t call it Music City for nothing!

Jersey: If you didn’t catch the Stanley Cup hockey finals this year, you may not know that Nashville is all-in with sports. Whether it be the Predators (hockey), Tennessee Titans (football), Nashville Sounds (minor league baseball), or any of our Vanderbilt sports, Nashvillians are devoted fans. The fastest way into the Nashville family is by reppin’ the home team jersey. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start packing! Fun and adventure await you here in Nashville and we are eager to meet y’all!