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COVID-19 Info for Future Applicants

COVID-19 Info for Future Applicants as of May 1, 2021

Vanderbilt does not have any specific prerequisite course requirements for applicants; we have course recommendations instead. This allows us to accept Pass/Fail grades without an issue. While we prefer that applicants take in-person lab and lecture courses when possible, we understand that it is not always feasible due to time, financial constraints, and/or global pandemics.

Vanderbilt recognizes that some universities are unable to provide pre-med advisor or committee letters. We will accept individual letters of evaluation and encourage letter writers to cover the broad competencies outlined in the AAMC Guidelines. If your institution offers a letter service during this time, and you are eligible for that service, Vanderbilt kindly expects you to use it.

Regarding the timing of the MCAT, Vanderbilt knows this is a potentially stressful time for applicants.  Although Vanderbilt appreciates rolling admissions, we will not penalize candidates who had a delay in the opportunity to take the MCAT. We encourage candidates to consider submitting their AMCAS application for verification without the MCAT. No admissions decisions will be made without the MCAT. Please continue to check this website and the Medical School Admissions Requirement e-book for updates.