Student Hosting

Congratulations for getting an interview at Vanderbilt!

The medical students hope you enjoy your visit to our school and find it as great a place to live and learn as much as we have. Not long ago, we were in your position going all over the country for medical school interviews, and we remember how expensive the medical school interview process can be. As a result, we offer a limited amount of student hosting for applicants to Vanderbilt. Although a sofa or sleeping bag on the floor may not be as nice as a hotel, staying with a medical student has its advantages. You will get to meet a current medical student who can answer your questions about life at Vanderbilt University Medical School and Nashville while saving a little money in the process.

Our generous medical students volunteer their time and homes, but we do have very busy schedules and our capacity to offer hosts never quite keeps up with the demands from our applicants. We only provide housing for one night, and we do not offer hosting on the weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) or during exam and vacation periods (see dates below).

While we cannot guarantee you a place to stay, we will try our best. Please fill out the form below as soon as possible to arrange accommodations for your visit, preferably two weeks prior to your arrival. We tend to assign hosts in order of interview date, so please be patient if you are signing up over a month ahead of time. Likewise, if you have not heard from us five days before your interview, please seek alternate accommodations. The Admissions Office can suggest nearby hotels with reasonable rates or you may also view the list of possible accommodations.

Dates When Hosting May Be Less Available

Please note that hosting may be less available during exam and holiday times.

How to Apply for Student Hosting

Please submit the Student Hosting Form with your information. After you submit your information, we will send you an automated confirmation email. Once a student selects to host you, we will contact you with your host's name and e-mail.

If you have any questions, please contact

We look forward to meeting you and wish you well in your medical school application process.