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Current VUSM Students Reflect on the White Coat

July 28, 2017
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I have been thinking about what it would feel like to wear a white coat for a long time – almost 11 years. Now that the day is fast approaching, I almost can’t believe it! The closer we are to wearing this white coat, the more I realize the gravity and responsibility we will soon be entrusted with by clinical teams and patients.

Daughter Continues Father's Tradition of Supporting the White Coat

July 26, 2017
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Near the end of his life I discussed the gift with him, and he said that he knew the coat would be appreciated if I wanted to continue. Now I anticipate the letter I receive each year from the recipient and enjoy following their medical travels. One day I hope to attend the ceremony when the coats are presented to the new students.

VUSM Alumni Reminisce About Their White Coat Ceremonies

July 24, 2017
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The important thing to remember is that YOU DO BELONG. Admission does not guarantee success, but it signifies you have all of the necessary tools. Push each other to be great. Lean on each other when you have to. One moment you are trying on your white coat, then you are studying for Step 1, then you are setting up residency interviews, then your family is coming to graduation, and then you are moving into a new place, maybe in a new city, and about to start wearing a long white coat on July 1.