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Favorite Faculty: Eli Zimmerman, M.D.

November 20, 2017
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I think that VUSM’s people are what make the community and atmosphere special. It is no secret that medical school is hard, but being able to learn and grow in a supportive, collaborative, friendly environment makes it so much more doable. And this is a universal, innate characteristic – everyone is here to help you and encourage you – other students, faculty, staff, and administration all want you to succeed! I actually went to medical school here (Class of 2010) and left for residency. Coming back to Vanderbilt was an easy decision for me, and what I felt about being here as a student remains true.

Favorite Faculty: Brian Drolet, M.D.

October 30, 2017
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Balance is essential to your success in medicine and life. Choose the activities that are meaningful to you and do them whenever you can. Boundaries are probably the most important thing you can learn early; where does work start and where does it end? The more that you do and the better that you do it, the more that people will ask you to do. If you love being productive and contributing to your work product (patient care, education, research, and publications, etc), then work may be one of your ‘hobbies’ – to me an activity from which you derive joy. If work is interfering with time for your hobbies or family, then you need to put up boundaries to protect yourself and establish that balance. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Favorite Faculty: Buddy Creech, M.D., MPH

October 2, 2017
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I never thought I would work primarily in a research capacity – I simply wanted to take care of children. But during fellowship, I realized that having a research career provided the opportunity to do things that could help kids that I’ll never meet. It also gave me a chance to work within a research team, each of us pursuing a new discovery, a new application of science, etc. This has been tremendously fulfilling.

Favorite Faculty: Corey Slovis, M.D.

September 4, 2017
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When I interviewed here more than 25 years ago, most everyone I met with said Vanderbilt was "collegial and collaborative." Now, a quarter of a century later, when I interview medical school and residency applicants, I tell them the best thing about Vanderbilt is that it is collegial and collaborative. This is a great place to learn, live, and practice medicine. I thought I was being given a line when people first talked about Vanderbilt’s atmosphere – instead, they were just telling the truth.