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Nashville Restaurant Reviews

Stephanie Dudzinski and Sumeeth Jonathan
November 9, 2017
Posted in Nashville

MSTP students Stephanie Dudzinski and Sumeeth Jonathan review five restaurants in Nashville and nearby Franklin. From pancakes and pizza, to Thai and upscale Italian, they've got you covered on where to dine out in and around Music City.  

Nashville Bar-B-Que

James Law
April 17, 2017
Posted in Nashville

Nestled in the hills of Nashville, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is situated in a prime location for some of the best barbecue Tennessee has to offer, located within a 10-minute drive from the medical center. Here are two popular picks that are definitely worth checking out during your visit - these are some of the best barbecue joints I’ve been to. Coming from a guy who’s lived in Texas for four years, that means a lot. Edley's Bar-B-Que

Hillsboro Village Hot Spots

Melissa Day
September 6, 2016
Posted in Nashville

Hillsboro Village, an area in Nashville that is conveniently located next to Vanderbilt’s Medical Center campus, has great opportunities for medical students to study, eat, and relax.

From Connecticut to Nashville

Brittany Schneider
January 31, 2016
Posted in Nashville

I thought that coming to the South would be a fun change of pace from the Northeast where I had been my whole life. I absolutely loved my time at Vanderbilt for undergrad, and after working for two years after graduating in 2012, one year of which was spent in California, I was already ready to come back for more Nashville!

Musically Inclined at VUSM

Ebone Ingram
January 25, 2016
Posted in Nashville

Vanderbilt is a great place for a medical student who also loves music. And that's not just because it happens to be located in “Music City, USA.”