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VUSM Alumni Reminisce About Their White Coat Ceremonies

July 24, 2017
Posted in White Coat

The important thing to remember is that YOU DO BELONG. Admission does not guarantee success, but it signifies you have all of the necessary tools. Push each other to be great. Lean on each other when you have to. One moment you are trying on your white coat, then you are studying for Step 1, then you are setting up residency interviews, then your family is coming to graduation, and then you are moving into a new place, maybe in a new city, and about to start wearing a long white coat on July 1.

Getting Back into School Mode

Sai Rajagopalan
July 17, 2017
Posted in First Year

They said it would not be easy giving up my "settled life." When you have an established career and all the creature comforts that you are supposedly destined for after toiling many years in academia and the workplace, going back to square one and doing it all over again sounds painful and as some people put it, "crazy." There were many thoughts and doubts racing through my mind when I started on this path exactly a year ago. Can I do this (i.e. sitting and memorizing information for an endless amount of time and taking tests one after another)? Will I fit in with my peers who on the average are ten years younger than me? Is the grass really greener on the other side? And many more.

What to Pack for Nashville

Benjin Facer
July 10, 2017
Posted in First Year

Before I moved to Nashville, I could barely point to Tennessee on a map, much less show you around the city. Now that I’ve been here a while, I’ve learned some of the reasons why Music City is attracting tourists, businesses, and families by the thousands. Here’s a quick "packing" list so you’ll be prepared for all the fun Nashville has to offer.

VMS Dance

Alexandra Arambula
July 3, 2017

VMS Dance is a club that welcomes people of all dance backgrounds and experience (from “none” to “formally trained” to “prior competitive dancer”). Group dance lessons are offered every two to four weeks, where we spend one hour learning the steps to a choreographed routine or the basics of a dance style. Our most popular lessons are Latin and hip-hop, but swing and bhangra have also been featured, and people who would like to teach their favorite style of dance are welcome to lead a lesson!

Wilderness Medical Society

Julia Hudnut-Beumler
June 26, 2017

The Wilderness Medical Society provides both educational and social opportunities for medical students. Together with emergency medicine residents and attending physicians, we organize quarterly skill-building workshops and scenario days to give students the opportunity to practice managing common wilderness medicine conditions, like anaphylaxis, burn injuries, and bone fractures, in low-resource settings. We also lead monthly wilderness trips for students to get outside and bond with one another whil

Wine Club

Joe Luchsinger
June 19, 2017

Wine Club holds regular meetings that allow students to relax, socialize with fellow classmates, and take a break from studying while experiencing and learning about wine. Topics covered during these fun and interactive evenings can range from a specific type of wine or region, wine tasting and pairings, how to make wine, the nuances of how a specific region can affect the taste of wine, etc.


James Leathers
June 12, 2017

REMEDY (Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World) is a Vanderbilt University School of Medicine student organization that aids in donating medical supplies to organizations that perform medical service in developing countries. We collect unused or expired medical supplies from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and work with various collaborators to ship these supplies abroad.

Best Buddies Vandy Med

Shilpa Mokshagundam
June 5, 2017

Best Buddies Vandy Med is part of an international organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) through one-to-one friendships and advocacy. At VUSM, we match our medical students with adults in the community with IDD