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Caroling on the Wards

Ben Li
December 12, 2016

“Noeeell, Nooelll, NoeeelllllLLLL! Born is the King of Israel!” These are some of my favorite words to sing each year with the Radial Grooves. The Radial Grooves, which is our on-campus medical, nursing, and audiology student a cappella group, spends a few weeks each year preparing Christmas songs for the holiday season. Our number one performance is when we visit the Vanderbilt hospital to sing for patients.

Staying Active in Med School

Al Valmadrid
December 5, 2016
Posted in Student Life

Staying active in med school can be challenging. However, as future physicians who will give our patients health, we must give ourselves health as well. We don't have to be look like models, but I believe we should model our bodies the same way we do our minds, and strive to be models of health our patients can emulate.

Global Health Committee

Justin Banerdt
November 28, 2016

One of the reasons I came to Vanderbilt for medical school was the wonderful global health opportunities available here. The medical school’s Global Health Organization (GHO) is a great way to get involved if you are interested in public health, working with underserved populations, or addressing health inequity here in the United States or internationally. Examples of some of the events we organize include monthly health fairs for Nashville’s underserved communities, World Health Week, and refugee panels.


Megan Shroder & Nick Kuhl (LGBT MD Co-presidents)
November 21, 2016

LGBT MD is a student organization within the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine that aims to educate students and staff about LGBTI health issues and disparities, and to provide a supportive community for LGBTI students and students passionate about LGBT issues. In the past few years, the leaders of LGBT MD have worked to integrate more LGBTI-oriented lectures and discussion sessions into the 1st- and 2nd-year curriculum in conjunction with several of the supportive professors and wonderful advisors at Vanderbilt.

College Cup - Trivia

Varun Menon
November 14, 2016

College Cup X had been one loss after another for Gabbe College. In everything from soccer to dance to basketball to Mario Kart, Gabbe had come up short. With no first-place finishes for the entire weekend, Gabbe had been relegated to last place in the College Cup standings. Coming up as one of the finale events of the weekend, trivia was our last best hope to strike back and win our first event of College Cup.

College Cup - Track Relays

Ben Li
November 7, 2016

The year 2015 marked the advent of the annual Track Relays at College Cup. Male and female 4 x 100m and sprint medley relay teams lined Vanderbilt’s brand new indoor track (part of the recreation center’s $31 million renovation, mostly to make College Cup better). You could still smell the rubber cooling, which only added to the pungent excitement in the air. The fastest men and women, the heroes of their colleges, positioned to run without mercy to lead their team to victory.

College Cup - Spirit Showdown

Melissa Day
October 31, 2016

While I enjoy cheering on my college in events like dodgeball, tug-of-war, and volleyball, one of my favorite events during College Cup is the Spirit Showdown. At noon on the Friday of College Cup, each college is given a selection of songs to choreograph a short dance to with six members, including a college mentor. Since the theme this year was the Olympics, our team was given a range of Olympic anthems, and Batson College decided on “Rise” by Katy Perry.

College Cup - Swimming

Jocelyn Durlacher
October 24, 2016

Ask any Vanderbilt University Medical Student about their favorite part of Vanderbilt and “College Cup” is bound to come up! It’s the most spirited time of the year for us. Vanderbilt University School of Medicine has four Harry Potter-like colleges: Batson, Robinson, Chapman, and Gabbe. These colleges serve as a source of community, especially during the first year, and also compete every October in “College Cup.” 

College Cup - 5K

Joey Elsakr
October 17, 2016

I’ll never forget my first college cup. There had been such buildup to that weekend and such excitement when it finally came. Though I was excited for an entire weekend of fun and competition, there was one event I was particularly eager to participate in—the 5k. As an avid runner who just couldn’t just call it quits after college, I was ready to do what I loved with my friends and classmates, and to compete against my training partner/nemesis with the whole school watching.

A Day at Shade Tree

Dan Hong
October 10, 2016

“Your destination is on your right.” That can’t be right. The building is a nondescript warehouse, resplendent with an old mint-green roof and white-washed walls. After a slow drive-by and u-turn, I park cautiously in the small parking lot wrapped around the building. I had arrived a little before the noon start-time of the Saturday shift at Shade Tree Clinic. Unsure of where to enter, I poke my head into the waiting room of the clinic. A harried-looking medical student piling together charts at the front desk waves me to the side door and buzzes me in. Here. We. Go.