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Couples in Medicine

Leah Vance
October 3, 2016

Couples in Medicine is a group designed to foster healthy relationships for medical students through mentorship and social events. Our main goal is to bring couples within the medical school together and to bring significant others who are not a part of the medical school into our community.

New Transitions and 1st Year Orientation

Andrew W. Kuhn
September 26, 2016
Posted in Orientation

The Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (VUSM) Class of 2020 hails from 30 states, seven foreign countries, and 61 different undergraduate institutions. Some took time after graduating from college to explore and pursue related interests and passions. Others came straight through. Despite our diverse backgrounds and prior experiences, when 91 of us arrived on campus for the start of orientation in late July, we all made a commitment to new transitions, starting a career in medicine, and dedicating ourselves to lifelong learning.

Wellness through Music and Song

Glenn Harris
September 16, 2016

Radial Grooves is a co-ed a cappella group that includes students from the schools of medicine, nursing, and audiology, as well as house staff at the hospital. We meet weekly to rehearse and have several concerts throughout the year. We have previously sung at a range of events, such as local retirement shows, talent shows, and parent’s weekend. Our largest performance is at Cadaver Ball.

Hillsboro Village Hot Spots

Melissa Day
September 6, 2016
Posted in Nashville

Hillsboro Village, an area in Nashville that is conveniently located next to Vanderbilt’s Medical Center campus, has great opportunities for medical students to study, eat, and relax.

Planning for Your Interview

Jessica Kaczmarek
August 31, 2016
Posted in Interviewing

So…you’ve been invited to interview at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Congratulations! What this means is you’ve passed Vanderbilt’s initial screening, and your application has already passed through multiple hands and been approved for interviewing. Now what?

Why Vanderbilt?

Brittany Schneider
February 4, 2016
Posted in Student Life

"Why Vanderbilt?" is a question I get asked a lot being from Connecticut with no ties to the South. I first moved here in 2008 to go to Vanderbilt for my undergraduate degree, choosing Vanderbilt because of its perfect mix of city living and idyllic campus life and its well-known "work hard, play hard" attitude. I wanted a school where I would be surrounded by bright, passionate people who enjoy learning but who also realize that life is too short to always be buried in a textbook!

From Connecticut to Nashville

Brittany Schneider
January 31, 2016
Posted in Nashville

I thought that coming to the South would be a fun change of pace from the Northeast where I had been my whole life. I absolutely loved my time at Vanderbilt for undergrad, and after working for two years after graduating in 2012, one year of which was spent in California, I was already ready to come back for more Nashville!

Musically Inclined at VUSM

Ebone Ingram
January 25, 2016
Posted in Nashville

Vanderbilt is a great place for a medical student who also loves music. And that's not just because it happens to be located in “Music City, USA.” 

Why I Love Emergency Medicine

Nate Friedman
January 20, 2016
Posted in Specialties

Hi! I’m Nate, a third-year medical student, and I plan to go into emergency medicine. When you get to medical school, you’ll quickly find out that every specialty, from family medicine to neurosurgery, has stereotypes. Often these are unfair, but most have a grain (or two) of truth to them. The stereotype for EM doctors is that they are “jack-of-all trades” with a short attention span and a love of procedures.

My Research Year Off

Cam Upchurch
January 15, 2016
Posted in Research

I love research. I struggled with the decision on whether to apply to the MSTP program before, and while already enrolled at Vandy. I did basic science research in undergrad, and came to Vandy and wanted to try some different things.