Selection Factors

The Committee for Admissions seeks applicants who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership qualities, with broad extracurricular experience. Experience in research and evidence of a concern for others are positive factors for selection.

The applicant's essay, letters of recommendation, activities, and interviews are also important factors in the Committee's evaluation. Interviews are conducted only at Vanderbilt.

The members of the committee represent a cross section of the school - full time basic science faculty, clinical faculty, and students.

Because the number of applicants is far greater (approximately 6,400 applications on average are received for the MD program) than the number of positions offered, admission is highly selective. The School does not require a minimum GPA or minimum MCAT score, but intense competition tends to eliminate applicants with low GPA's and/or MCAT scores. The median GPA for the 2017 entering class was 3.9 (range of 3.1-4.0) and the median MCAT was the 98th percentile (range of 70th-100th percentile).