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MIDP Immersion Phase Requirements

Please visit the MIDP website for more information.

C2.0 Requirements (in Months) Ongoing Longitudinal Courses
1 Integrated Science Course (ISC) — on campus Foundations of Health Care Delivery (7 units)

  • 5 units taken during FHD Immersion Weeks
  • 2 units taken longitudinally, paired with other courses during the Immersion Phase (IPE and PS)
1 Acting Internship — on campus
4 Advanced Clinical Experiences (ACEs) — on campus
3 Translational Design Lab — on campus
1 Business and Entrepreneurship — on campus, delivered longitudinally Learning Communities (8 units)
1 Business Internship
4 Competency and Interest-driven Rotations (can be ISCs, ACEs, Away ACEs, AIs or Advanced Electives)

  • away with approval
  • three must be clinical
Overall Requirements
15 months required
7 flex months (4 flex + 2 months for Step 1 in July/August of year 3 + 1 month for interviews in December of year 4)
May register for up to 19 rotations
Must include:

  • 1 Primary Care course (ACE: PC (VU or away) plus others as listed in the catalog)
  • 1 Acute Care course (Any ICU-based course, plus others as listed in the catalog)


Useful Documents