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Letters of Good Standing and Enrollment Verification
Letters of Good Standing and Enrollment Verification are produced through the Office of Enrollment Services in cooperation with the Office of the University Registrar.

At matriculation students receive a locker for their use as VUSM students. Students are responsible for providing their own lock. Students who enter an inactive status with the Office of Student Records during their VUSM educational career (e.g., for an “away” research, service learning year, or MD/PhD students in their graduate phase) are not assigned lockers during their inactive time, and those returning to active status may receive a new locker. Students are asked to clean out their lockers before leaving campus for any time period longer than one month.

Name Change Policy and Procedure
Name change requests from current students should be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar.

If a student finds that his/her name information is not correct in electronic systems, he/she should contact the VUSM Office of Enrollment Services.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify Vanderbilt University Human Resources regarding a name change if he or she has received compensation from the University.