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Cancer Genetics Rotation

The Cancer genetics rotation includes opportunities within the Vanderbilt Hereditary Cancer Clinic (HCC) including three clinic locations providing comprehensive hereditary cancer risk assessment related to the oncology setting and high risk care. Both adult and pediatric patients with personal and / or family history of cancer may be evaluated for diverse indications. Students will have the opportunity for participation in various aspects of cancer genetic counseling including gathering the family history and medical history, risk assessment, pre- and post-test counseling, test assessment and selection, utilization of databases and resources, and counseling for psychological issues. In addition to genetic counselors, the HCC includes ACMG certified geneticists and nurse practitioners with advanced practice certification in genetics, offering engagement with the interprofessional team regarding patient care in hereditary cancer. Students will be exposed to a multidisciplinary team of providers beyond the HCC and will have opportunities to participate in conferences including a variety of specialties.