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Pediatric Genetics Rotation

The Pediatrics rotation includes certain genetics clinics affiliated with the VUMC Division of Medical Genetics and will include exposure and experience with both pediatric and adult patients. Students will be exposed to roles such as taking a family history, performing medical intake, determining and discussing differential diagnoses, test selection and assessment, pre- and post-test counseling, evaluating syndromes and clinical indications using known databases and resources, and counseling for psychological issues of a broad range of genetic conditions. The general genetics clinic sees a wide array of referrals, including metabolic disease, developmental delay/intellectual disability/autism, dysmorphology, congenital abnormalities, neurological conditions, whole exome sequencing consents/result disclosure, family history of various disorders, and adult genetics. Students will also have opportunity to join hospital consults. Throughout the rotation, the student may be involved in clinics in which the genetic counselor is acting as an independent provider, or in which the genetic counselor is working with physicians and/or interprofessional teams (nurse practitioners and dieticians).