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Interview Days

Once your application has passed initial review, it’s time to move to the interview process. Our interview days offer you a chance to get to know campus, explore Nashville, and meet your potential future colleagues. They’re also a chance for you to let your innovation and creativity shine.

As part of the MIDP process, you’ll have two interviews:

A traditional med school interview

School of Medicine faculty direct this independent evaluation, which is usually scheduled for the day right before or after your MIDP-specific interview. The goal of this interview is to evaluate your fit with the VUSM community overall.

An innovation-focused interview day

On this MIDP-specific interview day, you’ll complete a team-based design challenge, solving a healthcare dilemma designed by current MIDP students. Your mission? Collaborate to develop a commercially viable solution and pitch it to a panel of potential investors.

We’re looking for innovation, creativity, leadership, and empathy skills, so don’t hesitate to let those show!

Questions about the interview process? Reach out to MIDP Admissions to learn more.